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Vision From Feeling - Investigating Medical Dowsing

I seem to be a medical intuitive, someone who can look at a person and sense health information about them that should not be detectable under those circumstances. But I am a skeptic. Since the summer of 2007, for four years now, I have been investigating the experience with the help of the skeptical movement. The combined results of two larger tests seem to indicate that my ability has beaten 99.223% of random chance, and I have had countless of compelling outcomes in readings with various skeptics.

I do not offer psychic readings, and I make no money off my claim. Nor am I involved in anything unethical. I believe that the open documentary that is my website and investigation, can offer valuable contribution to the fields of the paranormal and skepticism, through my honest, objective, and scientific approach. I continue to investigate to this day.

I am now embarking on first a survey and then a study of perception of microscopic organisms, which, if successful, would lead to a test on the perception of microscopic organisms. Note that this project takes place this time in the scientific community, and not in the skeptical community, and that should lead to something more refined than what has been in the past due to the innate dislike that skepticism has toward its claimants and their objective not being scientific curiosity or exploration, but the defense of their ideology.

I want to state for the record that I think Anita has all the paranormal abilities of an eggplant. - TheSkepticCanuck (Consider it on the record)

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